For Continuing Undergraduate College Students

To be considered for this scholarship, the application must be completed and electronically submitted along with the electronically submitted recommendation letter.


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Please write a short essay which describes how you came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (if you have applied for a scholarship at Alliance Bible Church before, a copy of a previous statement of faith is acceptable.) In addition, add your current view of God's will for your life and how your spiritual growth or walk has been impacted this year: *
LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Please submit electronically with your application to and to Obtain one letter of recommendation from a person at the church you attend while at college or a person from a ministry or organization in which you are currently involved in at college. This person should not be a relative.
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Completed application and recommendation letter must be electronically SUBMITTED BY NOON on the SECOND SATURDAY IN MARCH to: Info and to The scholarship Committee reserves the right not to consider incomplete or late applications.